The boys rule the Wii

wii bowling

As Kristen mentioned, yesterday we had a Wii bowling competition in our family. 4 competitors, 4 controllers, boys vs. girls.

The entire game Paul (4) is talking mega-smack to mommy and Megan (6). We are all pretty good at bowling, but Megan and I are the best. I routinely get above 200 and Megan averages about 185.

Megan would get a spare. Paul would get a strike. Mommy would get a strike. Daddy would get a spare. On and on this went, neck and neck. It was supremely close.

In the last frame dad, mom, and Megan finished. We did a little quick math and discovered that they boys and girls were both tied. This meant that if Paul got a single pin, the boys would win.

Paul stood up proudly, soaked in the situation, and proclaimed “it’s showtime.” He then proceeded to dial in a strike and win the game for the boys in style. Then he walked over to mom and Megan and told them, “That’s right. The boys rule the Wii!”

Megan (first born, dominant) was quick to want to play again. I’m guessing this won’t be the last battle in our house with boys vs. girls.





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