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  • Easter Egg Hunt Video

    This is pretty raw. But it shows what we were up to and how much fun it was. Again, thanks to all that helped pull this one off. I think there were about 25 volunteers… awesome!

  • Easter Egg Hunt | Slam Dunk

    Gosh, I just got home and I’m having a hard time controlling my excitement. Today was a blast! The teams were all awesome. Set-up/Tear-down team… excellent. Band team… excellent. Hospitality team… excellent. We had never been a part of an event quite like this one.  Joyce from Park & Rec and her team seemed very…

  • Easter Egg Hunt | Today!

    The day is here already. In about 45 minutes I’ll head over to the church to pick up the last of the stuff to head over to Barnabo Field. Despite the fact that it’s only 28 degrees right now, we’re hoping that it is going to get up to the mid-30s for this year’s community…

  • God of This City, update 1

  • We need a heat wave!

    This weekend is Romeo’s annual community Easter Egg hunt. (see video of last years event) This is put on by Romeo Parks & Rec department and has become a favorite of my kids. They only thing that they like doing as much is the first high school football game when they have a big party…

  • Our Vision for Our Community

    I’ve had this video ready for a couple of weeks. Below is a description video for our churches vision. Since I already had a couple of people ask me how I made the video, here are the details. – Obviously, the animation is from Google Earth. I set up the points as a tour and…

  • God of This City

    Here’s the video I sent out with our weekly email update. Seriously, if you aren’t a part of a local church and you are looking to connect somewhere… this Sunday is a great place to jump on board.

  • The new signs are here!

    I can’t even say how long we’ve worked on this. We started talking about new signs for the church about a year ago. And I think we went through 40-50 revisions. So, here is what one side looks like. Best part, within 2 hours of them being installed I already received a phone call asking…

  • The Heart of Worship

    On Sunday I mentioned that I got chills during our rehearsal as Jimmy began practicing with a new vocalist. I thought I’d back that up with this clip from our worship service. This new person is going to add so much to what we’re doing! I’m totally excited… here’s a sample of why.

  • Interior Signs are Here

    This is something someone like me gets excited about. We ordered new interior signs for the church building… and they are here! The pictures here are from my phone so the quality doesn’t do them any justice. But when we get them mounted it’s going to look smoking cool. The big one of the left…