Tag: growth

  • Watching our garden grow

    You don’t notice the growth day-by-day. But when you look at it like this, it’s plain to see!

  • Poll: Will the online church fad grow or fade in 2010?

    Will the “online church” fad make it through 2010?(polling) Of course, you are welcome to leave a comment with your theory.

  • What You Water Grows

    I took this picture in my backyard this morning. It illustrates this thought perfectly. In the middle is our healthy orange tree, to it’s left is a healthy grapefruit tree, if you could see more you’d see another orange tree, a couple peach trees, a mandarin, and lemon tree. And everything else is dirt. Being…

  • Leading to the edges

    Entrepreneurs get this. Start-up businesses get this. New franchises get this. Church planters get this. But no one in an older business, church, franchise, or industry can comprehend this. You have grown your audience as much within what you are doing today as you will ever grow it. You primary demographic already knows about you…