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  • Why big churches get bigger

    It’s been about a year since our family started attending Journey Community Church in La Mesa. For the past decade or so we had been small church people. Most of the congregations we’ve been a part of (and worked at) were a couple hundred people. But, for a number of reasons, we started attending at […]

  • High-trust, low-control

    A movement cannot grow in a low-trust, high-control environment.  But a dictatorship can. (Cuba) A corporation can. (McDonald’s) A gang can. (Al Capone) In a low-trust, high-control environment leadership is supreme. Decisions flow from top to bottom. A high value is placed on replication and copying and perfecting. Efficiency is more important than individualism. And […]

  • Youth Ministry is Flatlining

    If I were to plot out the average youth ministry attendance in a local church this is probably what it would look like. So when I say, “The way you are doing ministry is failing to reach students. It’s not you, it’s your strategy.” Youth workers look at me and say, “No, that’s not true. […]

  • High schoolers passing in the night

    I volunteer with the high school ministry at my church. Each Wednesday night I help to lead a small group of high school guys. And each Sunday morning I am one of the adults trying to engage our students in some sort of meaningful conversation. Journey is of the size where you can successfully go for ages […]

  • Free their minds…

    Free their minds… and their hearts will follow. (Sorry En Vogure, I changed it.) Is the primary task of my ministry to cram as much of what I know into their heads or is it to teach them how to think? Rhetorical, right? Wrong. My actions say the former while my brain says the latter. […]

  • 5 things gardens teach us about healthy churches

    Last year, Kristen and I made a commitment to grow organically or buy organically 25% of our families food. For us, that has meant starting and maintaing a garden. As they say, inch by inch and row by row– we have watched our garden grow. A native suburbanite, I’ve discovered many revelations about my perceptions […]

  • Blog economics of hate

    The easiest way to draw traffic to your site all you have to do is hate on people. My definition of flaming content online: To bad mouth purely for the sake of creating traffic, link baiting, retweeting, Facebooking, and otherwise bad-mouthing a person, organization, company, or news item for a purely selfish reason. (Read here […]

  • Towards Simplicity

    ‘Tis the gift to be simple, ’tis the gift to be free, ‘Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be, And when we find ourselves in the place just right, ‘Twill be in the valley of love and delight. When true simplicity is gain’d, To bow and to bend we shan’t be […]

  • When did ministry become an office job?

    Somewhere along the way ministry became a desk jockey job. When I read the book of Acts and even the pastoral epistles I get the idea that being a pastor was action packed. John didn’t kick it in staff meeting for 2-3 hours per week. Peter didn’t make edits to the bulletin. Matthew didn’t work […]

  • Best of 2004

    Note: I’m on vacation this week. My family has a rule for daddy– It’s not a vacation if daddy brings a computer. Each day this week I’m highlighting my favorite post from the adammclane.com archives. These are oldies but goodies. Yes, I am Wasting My Life August 31st 2004 Again this month we are short […]