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  • Grounded

    According to Tripit, my travel tally for 2011 looks like this: 2011 Trips 3 Days 18 Distance 9,959 mi Cities 18 Countries 1 That’s as of February 2nd. And it doesn’t include all of the cities I’ve been to… just the places I’ve spent the night. The first 33 days of 2011 have been a […]

  • Living la vida simple

    I think Ricky Martin had it wrong. While living la vida loca (the crazy life) looks attractive to the bored, I prefer to set my sights on living la vida simple. (the simple life) As crazy as things seem, feel, or appear– I do live a pretty simple life. A life that is satisfying in its […]

  • The Youth Pastors House

    Yesterday, I was riding my bike to the trolley when I spotted this beauty. While the saran wrapping of the cars is very well done, the TP job leaves a lot to be desired. My first thought? Hey, I wonder what church this person works at? Of all the church staff, the one thing that […]