The Youth Pastors House


Yesterday, I was riding my bike to the trolley when I spotted this beauty. While the saran wrapping of the cars is very well done, the TP job leaves a lot to be desired.

My first thought? Hey, I wonder what church this person works at?

Of all the church staff, the one thing that youth workers get right more often than anyone else… good  ministry happens in the home. I’d take that a step further to say, the best ministry happens in the home. It doesn’t have to be your house. But the best stuff typically happens in a house.





3 responses to “The Youth Pastors House”

  1. Schnerples Avatar

    As my husband says, “It’s not a quality job unless you use at least 150 rolls”

  2. Mandy Avatar

    If it was well done, you would know the youth pastor was the perpetrator, not the victim.

  3. Kevin I Avatar

    Our high school group hit a rough patch, we moved it to homes, things cleared up over night and created some of the best ministry opportunities we’ve ever had. It’s funny how it works like that.

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