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  • 5 tips for engaging students on a Sunday morning

    Newsflash. It can sometimes be difficult to connect with a teenager at church. Our culture does a lot to communicate to us that teenagers and adults shouldn’t engage with one another. As adults we think, “What could I have in common with a 14 year old?” And teenagers assume that adults don’t really want to […]

  • Outsmarting Your Opponent

    Rocky Long is crazy. Yesterday, he told reporters that as head coach of the San Diego State football team he is planning on always onside kicking and always going for it on 4th down. Rocky Long is genius. By telling his opponents he is not going to traditionally kick the ball off and not planning […]

  • The 48 Hour Self-Retreat – How to plan your Fall 2012 Ministry Strategy

    It’s August 1st.  For most youth ministries things really kick off in 30 days. That means in the next 30 days you need a publishable Fall calendar, you need to check in with all of your volunteers to make sure they are coming back, and you need to host a volunteer training meeting as well […]

  • You know you’re onto something when…

    the powers that be (doing nothing for years) are nervous about you. people from the church start leaving tracts and books on your desk anonymously. an old lady cusses at you and about you. country club members decide to worship elsewhere. tattoos and pick-up trucks outnumber lattes and minivans in the parking lot. you get […]

  • How much is “enough?”

    I go to church on Friday night, volunteer in the high school ministry on Sunday morning, and help lead a high school small group on Wednesday night. That is enough. When I hear an announcement for something else I could do, or somewhere else they need help, or even something else I would really enjoy […]

  • “It’s Biblical”

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  • The F Word, Part 2

    The F Word, Part 2

    Editorial note: This is part 2 of a guest post from a local San Diego friend. (Part 1) I don’t normally offer guest posts, but this point-of-view is important. Church and youth leaders need to hear from men in their congregations like him. While this post is anonymous, I invite you to dialog with him […]

  • What does your ministry have to do with Dropbox?

    Did you catch that? Steve Jobs invited Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox, to his office to play Let’s Make a Deal. And Drew Houston walked away. Why? In the written interview for Forbes and the video above you get clued into Houston’s reasoning. “He said we were a feature, not a product.” Apparently, Jobs was thinking […]

  • Social media interaction with minors – Where do you draw the line?

    I have a column this week on Slant 33 about this very topic. Here’s some sound bytes. Youth ministry is dangerous. It will bring you into temptation. It’ll bring you face to face with your deepest fears and greatest annoyances. It’ll cause you to create policies and break them at the same time. Chances are, […]

  • 5 Minute Strategy Session: Define Your Ministry Goal

    Discussion questions: Do you agree with the assumption that ministry programs have relational capacities? Do you agree with the assumption that you need to grow or risk losing your job? What are other strategies you could employ in the next 30 days which would impact adolescents in other spheres? Here’s the link to download my […]