5 Minute Strategy Session: Define Your Ministry Goal

Discussion questions:

  • Do you agree with the assumption that ministry programs have relational capacities?
  • Do you agree with the assumption that you need to grow or risk losing your job?
  • What are other strategies you could employ in the next 30 days which would impact adolescents in other spheres?

Here’s the link to download my slides:  [download id=”19″]





9 responses to “5 Minute Strategy Session: Define Your Ministry Goal”

  1. Tim Schmoyer Avatar

    Me love me a vloggin’ Adam. 🙂

    (I should show you how to color correct your face.)

    1. adam mclane Avatar

      Yeah… I started to color correct. Then I was like… meh, nope. Glad you like the video posts. Trying to decide if it’s worth it. The upside is that the new computer made that zippy!

      1. Tim Schmoyer Avatar

        What are you looking for that would determine if it’s “worth it” or not?

        1. adam mclane Avatar

          Primarily positive feedback. So… you’re +1.

          1. Tim Schmoyer Avatar

            Ahh. Maybe I should click that +1 button up there then. Hmm…

  2. Mookie Avatar

    I love this Adam! I love the fact that you’re a thinker and always comtemplating, how do we get it done better? I also love getting straight to the point…..great stuff to ponder!

    I think to answer your question…..Who loves the 95%…..I thought about it in terms of who loves them, even those for the wrong reason. Because I think we need to look at culture and how they reach out to students.

    -Marketing Companies
    -Businesses (Retail, Food, etc.)
    -Neighbors (Depends on community)

    If you’re going to define love as in truly loving them as a person, then this list shrinks obviously and will deserve some other names. I just think we need to not be flashy like the world, but I think there’s some lessons we can learn. Of course the flip side of that is…..we should be able to offer them something that they get little of……love, community, affinity, etc. Just some thoughts

  3. Alon Banks Avatar

    Adam, this is just what National Network of Youth Ministries has been pursuing for the last year. How can we encourage church youth workers to expand their network to include these other youth workers?
    Thank you for taking the time to put his together and challenge the current thinking.

  4. Len Avatar

    Good stuff Adam

  5. Jeremy Smith Avatar

    Agreed with Tim about the color correction. Love the title intro.

    Relevant + Great topic + Timely + Great illustrations = Great vlog!

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