Nativity, Defined

Nativity – the process whereby someone becomes a native. Christmas is one of the most confusing holiday’s on the planet. It’s half religious and half a celebration of solstice. The secular vs. religious scales have tipped back and forth over millennia. That’s a historically accurate tension. If you are feeling it this year. Welcome. You…… Continue reading Nativity, Defined

Do Ministry Leaders Need a Social Media Presence?

Seth Godin answers his own question: What is the reason social media is so difficult for most organizations? It’s a process and not an event. Events are easier to manage, pay for and get excited about. Processes build results for the long haul. link Why do pastors and other church leaders need a social media…… Continue reading Do Ministry Leaders Need a Social Media Presence?

Life Schmooshing

“How do I keep my private life private with social media?” When I pull away all the onion layers for people learning about social media, this is their core fear. They wrestle with two primary realities. Why would anyone care about what I am doing? How do I control the message? I’m not saying that…… Continue reading Life Schmooshing