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  • 5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2010

    What’s going to be the next cool thing? Of course, I can’t predict the future. But I can see some technologies that are just on the edge of getting to the masses which I think will be game changers in 2010. All are just a price-point change away from radically changing the way we interact […]

  • Saturday Tunes

    I know, I’m a day late. But it felt a little weird to miss this. Yesterday, we had a busy day. I woke up and worked on a friend’s website all morning. Kristen ran some errands. Before we knew it, it was time to go to the beach with our friends from community group. We […]

  • 5 Songs that Pump Me Up

    Music is a powerful measuring stick for where a person is in their life, isn’t it? The songs that I identify with right now reflect a lot of who I am as well as a lot about how I feel about the stuff going on in my life. Here are songs that I listen to […]

  • The World Doesn’t Change Itself

    This weekend the family hosted my friend Andrew Marin. I suppose most people know Andy as a controversial speaker and author who is trying to help the church build bridges with the gay community. I know Andy more as a friend. We met last summer in preparing for National Youth Workers Convention where he was […]

  • Saturday Tunes

    A quiet weekend here in San Diego for us. Yesterday was a big day for YS as we launched this year’s NYWC website. With just 145 days until the first convention… it’s fun to see things coming together! We also kicked off a little fundraiser via the YS Blog yesterday. I’m stoked to see the […]

  • Saturday Tunes

    We just said goodbye to Kristen’s parents. They were here for 8 days. It was a really fun visit and we were all sad to see them go. Lots and lots of happy memories. I have a feeling today will be fairly uneventful. A couple errands, a couple walks, but that’s pretty much it. Lifestyles […]