Saturday Tunes

Saturday Tunes

A quiet weekend here in San Diego for us. Yesterday was a big day for YS as we launched this year’s NYWC website. With just 145 days until the first convention… it’s fun to see things coming together! We also kicked off a little fundraiser via the YS Blog yesterday. I’m stoked to see the response so far. I have  yet another project going live Sunday, I’ll share more about that on Monday.

Last night, Kristen and I finally watched Slumdog Millionaire. What a powerful movie. I can’t imagine how hard it was to shoot that thing.

This morning Kristen is off jogging while I’m home with the family. Later Paul and I will be taking the dog to the beach and from there, who knows? Here are the next 10 tunes I’m listening to. As always, totally random and my ratings included.

#1 Portadown Station by Sandra McCracken *****

#2 Believe by The Bravery ****

#3 Realize by Colbie Cailat ****

#4 Supersonic by Family Force 5 ****

#5 There’s Only One by Caedmon’s Call ****

#6 Falling by the Wayside by People in Planes ****

#7 Yours is the Kingdom by Hillsong ***

#8 Belonging by Kendall Payne *****

#9 I’m Sticking With You by The Velvet Underground ****

#10 Free Fallin’ by John Mayer


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