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  • Marko is on the next Parentministry.net Webinar!

    Like an episode of Love Connection, two of my worlds converge on February 26th as Marko presents on the next ParentMinistry.net webinar. Check it out.

  • Viva la Cartel!

    After three amazing years of working at Youth Specialties, it’s with a crazy concoction of sadness and excitement, that I’m sharing today that I’m leaving Youth Specialties to start a new venture. It’s impossible to put into words the emotions I felt just now as I wrote, then again as I rewrote, and over the […]

  • Reclaiming Weekends

    This weekend I am not checking my work e-mail. Ah, work. I love my job. Maybe I love it a bit too much? When I first started at YS I was pretty good about balance. I limited my availability. I worked from home at least one day per week. Weekends became sacred time again. And […]

  • Fast Wednesday

    Yesterday was a blur. I got up early and finally wrote the post about turning Croswell into a charter school. (Actually wanted to do that before the vote, oh well.) Then it was off to the races. Walked to the trolley. Long line at Starbucks caused me to miss my trolley… though a nice mocha […]

  • How do we get to Youth Ministry 3.0?

    I’ve been wrestling with the concepts of Marko’s book, Youth Ministry 3.0 for a long time. Actually, before I worked a YS I had been going through a prolonged set of discussions at Romeo saying in a thousand different ways… What I’m doing isn’t working anymore. The problem was simple. I was trained and experienced […]

  • Cutting Edge Amish

    This morning I was reading a little of Marko’s upcoming book, Youth Ministry 3.0, and one of the early chapters made me think of the Amish. Maybe the Amish have had the solution for a long time? My hypothesis is simple. Since adolescence is a cultural phenomenon and the church is called to create culture […]

  • Marko busted: The Pinnacle of Loserocity

    If you’re in youth ministry, you know Marko. He’s the President of Youth Specialties and an all around fun guy. This spring he challenged youth workers to join him in a contest they created called, “Are you a bigger loser than Marko?” It’s a take-off on the hit show… and a bunch of people did […]