Fast Wednesday

Yesterday was a blur.

I got up early and finally wrote the post about turning Croswell into a charter school. (Actually wanted to do that before the vote, oh well.) Then it was off to the races. Walked to the trolley. Long line at Starbucks caused me to miss my trolley… though a nice mocha and the Car Talk podcast helped me relax and enjoy the wait.

It was during that wait time that I noticed that Marko activated his new blog theme that I helped create. That was a fun project! His blog is now SEO-friendly, looks a lot cleaner, and helps establish his personal brand a little more. While no work was needed on my part for this, it was just something else to monitor.

Once I got to the office it was rush around and get ready for the May NYWC conference call. Thankfully, Jonathan helped me out by taking the lead on the Real World Parents newsletter. Traditionally, we each do about 50% of the content and I set it up, test it, and send it out. Taking that off my plate really helped as I worked through the details of the call. Going into it, we were 90% sure what we wanted to do. I wanted Marko to talk in the beginning part about the “why” of what we’re doing at convention this fall, then I wanted to field questions. Despite a massive GotoWebinar fail, the live streaming video portion went really well. Here’s the video from that.

With that, the first half of my day was done. A co-worker dropped me off at Enterprise and I rented a car (actually, they gave me a sweet Nissan Frontier) and I drove up to Orange County for a quick meeting. I drove up to meet with Dave Gibbons, he’s an author and pastor of Newsong church based out of Irvine, to shoot a quick video about NYWC. The drive went fast as I caught up with some people about other projects… literally, a 90 minute drive felt like 15 minutes. I arrived about 30 minutes early… rare… so I headed into the offices to wait for my 4 PM meeting. (And recharge my batteries!) About 15 minutes later Dave’s assistant asked me to come in and get set-up. Since his office is extremely awesome, setting up only took me about 5 minutes. In the middle of that, Dave came in early from his previous meeting. Literally, I had his shoot ready to go, shot, and I was out the door at 4:01 PM.

From there, it was off to the races to beat traffic back south to San Diego. I sailed through, making it home at my normal 6:00 on the dot.

I both love and hate days like this. I love that it is fun, I get a lot done, and the impact is obvious. I hate that there is so much to do that I can’t really enjoy it.

Nearly a year after starting at YS… I’m still shaking my head at the opportunity.
Yesterday, I spent time moderating a discussion with Marko about the biggest event in my industry. Then I casually drove up and spent time with one of the greatest emerging leaders in evangelicalism. And then I was home by 6. Yeah, I’m not over how much God has hooked me up.





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  1. Matt Cleaver Avatar

    Hey, I thought the webinar went great. Ustream might be even better than a conference call anyways. The background noise of people who didn’t know how to use the darn thing got annoying.

    Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Debi Avatar

    Tom and Ray ROCK!!

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