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  • Swell Season

    Yesterday held one of those sweet, unexpected moments of marriage awesomeness. (Get your mind out of the gutter) We came home completely exhausted but having really enjoyed ourselves. (Again, what’s with the gutter thoughts? Knock it off!) It all started with an early morning check of Twitter. I had gotten a direct message from a […]

  • Saturday Tunes, Valentines Day Edition

    Typically for Saturday tunes I share the next 10 random songs coming out of my iPod. But today is Valentines Day and its all about love and sappy stuff like that. With that in mind I am going to change things up a bit this week and share some favorites. Top 5 Most Listened to […]

  • Saturday Tunes

    Kristen and I are feeling a bit post-party this morning. (I’ll create another post a little later about the YS Christmas party.) We don’t have anything on the agenda today. Seriously, other than picking-up Jonathan and taking him to the airport, I am not sure what we are doing with our day. This morning is […]

  • Saturday Tunes

    Here we go. Saturday morning. College football. A little Christmas shopping. And of course mega-cool-times with the family. We had a great time last night at December Nights. Balboa Park was packed with people, mostly locals, checking out miles of food, crafts, and Christmas cheer. Anyway, my morning is always wrapped up with some music. […]

  • Saturday Tunes

    With the 4th behind us we are on the fast track to packing and trying to get this house sold. This morning I have some stuff to do around the yard while Kristen is busy with the boxes. Of course, as always, music is a big part of my Saturday. So as I’m off to […]

  • The highlight of the Oscars

    If you missed the Oscars last night, this is the can’t miss moment of the night. Kristen and I watched this film… great story. (A little too much music for me) But the song is incredible. HT to Kristen and First Showing