Saturday Tunes

Kristen and I are feeling a bit post-party this morning. (I’ll create another post a little later about the YS Christmas party.) We don’t have anything on the agenda today. Seriously, other than picking-up Jonathan and taking him to the airport, I am not sure what we are doing with our day.

This morning is pancakes and chatting with our kids about last night. Megan and Paul had FOUR babysitters last night. Jon, Jenna, Paul, and Amy from our community group completely spoiled our kids last night with a holiday party of their own. They made gingerbread houses, played Christmas bingo, chubby bunny, and good cop/bad cop.

Anyway, as always music is a part of my morning. Here are the next ten tunes playing on my iPod. As always, I’m just hitting the shuffle songs button and recording what comes up. So this is completely random, no cheating, and my personal rankings are included.

#1 360 by Josh Hoge ****

#2 Night on Fire by VHS or Beta ****

#3 Take My Life by Chris Tomlin ****

#4 Falling Slowly by Glen Hansgard and Marketa Inglova *****

#5 Make a Joyful Noise by David Crowder Band ****

#6 Unforgettable by Natalie Cole ****

#7 Rock ‘n Roll All Night by Kiss ***** (Perfect considering my costume last night)

#8 Filled with Your Glory by Starfield ****

#9 We Won’t Be Quiet by David Crowder Band *****

#10 Africa Bamba by Santana *****


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