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  • The upside of fear

    Stupid spreadsheet. Typically, I’m a pretty positive– upbeat — and self-confident person. I’m told I’m overly optimistic by my friends. But the past few weeks have brought about unfamiliar emotions. Negativity, melancholy, and anxiety.¬† And since these are unfamiliar emotions I haven’t quite known how to respond. In situations where I’m typically chipper I’ve been […]

  • Concierge Service from McLane Creative

    I have a little side business called McLane Creative. After we sold YMX in 2008, I needed a category for some of the other stuff I was doing. (Small design projects, consulting, writing stuff, etc.) I figured that if I named it after myself I could never sell it! For years I’ve had 3-4 people […]

  • Reminder: Back-up your blog

    This morning I woke up and my blog was down. With more than 6 years of content here that is scary. It was a healthy reminder to me that it was time to back-up my blog. (After fixing some corrupt tables) This is your reminder: If you haven’t backed-up your self-hosted WordPress blog lately, you […]

  • Common things I say as a creative

    I love naivet√©. Not being sarcastic– for reals. For a lot of ministry folks I am the first creative person they’ve tried to hire. Here are things you may hear me say when I talk to a prospective McLane Creative client: Yes, I will help you if I have time. No, the best stuff in […]

  • Two quick updates from McLane Creative

    A fun outlet for me is building WordPress sites, consulting, and social media campaigns at McLane Creative. Since it’s a creative outlet I tend to be pretty picky with who I work with. Here are three quick slogans I use to describe my work there: Guaranteed to be on budget and past deadline. I tend […]

  • Kristen is Blogging Again

    Yup, Kristen has got her blog going again. I know she plans on talking more about our families shift to an organic lifestyle, gardening, shell hunting, and fun stuff for our kids. Kristen was a pretty successful mom-blogger when that fad was hot. She got burnt out with all the free product people sent us […]

  • WordPress 3.0

    https://videopress.com/v/wp-content/plugins/video/flvplayer.swf?ver=1.21 Any time any type of software goes from one version number to the next, it is significant. WordPress 3.0 brings a few interesting highlights. Theme improvements. (You’ll get better themes as a result) Menu improvements. (Made it easier to add dropdowns) Multi-user, multi-blog administration built in Some cool dashboard improvements, highlighted in the video. […]

  • Some McLane Creative Jives

    There’s a lot going on with the funkier side of my life. That is, the fun projects I take on to fill my waking moments and force me to learn new skillz about all things design, social media, and WordPress. Here’s the last three: San Diego Spiritual Directors Association | WordPress theme markoestreicher.com | WordPress […]

  • McLane Creative

    If you pay close attention, you may see a links to mclanecreative.com on some websites. What is that all about? Essentially, McLane Creative is for stuff I do outside of my work at Youth Specialties. Sometimes there may be a project I want to experiment with that has nothing to do with my full-time gig, […]