Common things I say as a creative

I love naiveté. Not being sarcastic– for reals. For a lot of ministry folks I am the first creative person they’ve tried to hire.

Here are things you may hear me say when I talk to a prospective McLane Creative client:

Yes, I will help you if I have time. No, the best stuff in life is actually not free. Yes, I will charge you even if you are in ministry. No, I don’t discount because you are in ministry… so am I. Yes, there is a difference between being available and free. No, my job isn’t to do everything for you, it’s to give you ideas. No, I will not do a proposal since you called me. Yes, I will give you an estimate for free. No, you won’t get anything from me until you pay 50% down. No, I do not believe the concept that  there are no new ideas under the sun… otherwise you wouldn’t have called me. No, I don’t understand why you think it’s OK to ask me for ideas for free. If you are going to get paid for my ideas, shouldn’t I be able to get paid to? Yes, you can call me back after you think about it.

That said– McLane Creative is growing! I now have  Adam 2.0 on my team. (aka Dave Luke Design) If you are looking for a WordPress solution for your own blog or your organization, average projects are $750 – $2000, contact me.

Here’s our latest work: The Marin Foundation (Two more sites about to launch)





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  1. Andrew Marin Avatar

    I can’t even begin to list all of the compliments we’ve gotten on our new site that McLane Creative designed and implemented. Unreal Adam! Seriously, you made our little corner of the internet everything we’ve always wanted to be on the inside, but too inept to do ourselves. Much love!

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