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  • Old Video of Newspapers Online

    Check this out, in 1981 the idea of people getting the news via the internet was already well underway. It took a while, but online is a primary way people get news these days. I love that monitor! HT to Mark

  • Unique jobs, part 1

    Since Mike Rowe has the market cornered on Dirty Jobs, I thought I would highlight an extremely interesting job that Chris Britt does for Springfield, Illinois’ State-Journal Register. What are some unique jobs you’d like to see highlighted?

  • $200 Asterisk for the iPhone 3G

    If you are like me you didn’t notice the tiny asterisk in this image. But there is one. Do you see it? This morning I intended on lining up at the Partridge¬†Creek Apple Store to upgrade both of my AT&T phones to the smoking hot iPhone 3G.¬† Since I’ve been a loyal AT&T customer since […]

  • Newspapers are Dinosaurs

    This morning I opened my hotel room to discover today’s edition of USA Today. My first thought was, “I’ll put it on the pile next to the Monday edition” since I never opened it or ever read the headline. It wasn’t very long ago that I loved the newspaper. Each morning I would head to […]