Newspapers are Dinosaurs

This morning I opened my hotel room to discover today’s edition of USA Today. My first thought was, “I’ll put it on the pile next to the Monday edition” since I never opened it or ever read the headline.

It wasn’t very long ago that I loved the newspaper. Each morning I would head to the grocery store and pick up some juice and the Chicago Tribune. I’d sit in the break room and read the entire thing from cover to cover. But picking up the paper this morning I realized that its been several years since I had done that. 

Here are a few reasons I think the age of the newspaper is rapidly ending:

  • Newspapers are about yesterdays news in a world that demands up to the second news. 
  • Other than the “Letter to the editor” there is no way to respond to the news.
  • A blogger has nearly the same credibility as his/her local newspaper, maybe much more if they live where the news is happening. (I can attest to that)
  • People are suspicious of media sources as more and more people understand the spin that happens. 
  • Our attention spans are shorter. I remember in high school my english teacher I had “maybe” the first paragraph to win someone’s attention. Now, you better have a great headline and a picture or I’m scanning right by.
  • It’s printed on paper. Why would I want a newspaper when I can read the news on my mobile phone? Heck, I want them to start pushing the nightly news to my phone so I won’t need a TV!
  • Craigslist is killing the need or classifieds.
  • Why do they even print the weather in the paper?
I’ve got a lot more reasons I think newspapers are headed to the land of dinosaurs. But here’s the thing. People like dinosaurs. There will always be room in our hearts for the nostalgia of the newspaper. 

Question: Do you still get a local newspaper? If so, which one?





2 responses to “Newspapers are Dinosaurs”

  1. Todd Porter Avatar

    I do not usually read the local newspaper, but I do get it on Sunday and that is mainly for the ads. However, I do have a subscription to the USA Today. I prefer it over the local news, because I like getting info on national stuff as well as major local news.

  2. Gman Avatar

    I read most my news online!

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