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  • How do you measure teenage maturity?

    News on teenagers consistently conflicts. We are ecstatic about teenage Olympians. No one puts a teenage qualifier on their accomplishments, an Olympic medal is an Olympic medal, it doesn’t count for half a medal because someone is under 18. Our laws define someone as an adult the moment they hit 18 while providing a completely […]

  • Savior: The Adult Desire to Save Teenagers From Themselves

    Am I the only one who notices that adults seem to obsessed about teenage lives? More to the point, we seem obsessed with pointing out how we need to intervene before they destroy themselves and the human race. Our culture takes a very negative view of people between the ages of 13-18. If you work […]

  • Big Surprise Headed Our Way!

    We are both surprised and stoked to be expecting our third child this February. No ideas on a name yet. But rest assured that we will buy the URL. Pray for us. Especially, Megan and Paul.

  • Why I Don’t Have Haiti Fatigue

    More than 3 months have passed since 200,000 people were killed and a million people were displaced in Port-au-Prince. For a news item that’s an eternity ago. It’s just how we’re hardwired. We hear a news item, we are shocked by it, we do a fundraiser, we move on. And we want to block it […]

  • Fear Makes You Stupid

    Yesterday morning I woke up to the news of a massive earthquake in Chile. The world seemed to hold its breath and wonder how bad the damage would be. “If a 7.0 earthquake killed 200,000+ people and flattened Port-au-Prince, Haiti– what would an earthquake 500 times stronger do?” Those fears and concerns were legitimate. Fortunately, […]

  • The Future of Journalism

    Man, this is good stuff. Arianna Huffington absolutely takes MSNBC to school on how journalism works today. Great, great clip here. This is a clash of “old world” journalism and “new world” journalism. I know some were sad when I left Romeo because there wasn’t anyone left to do front row coverage of local school […]

  • Statement of the Obvious Headlines

    I spend some time every day reading the latest stuff on adolescent research, teen marketing, etc. And sometimes stories pop-up and you think… did someone really think this was a revealing something that a everyone didn’t already know? Here are two recent examples: #1. Teen Brains Damaged by Heavy Marijuana Use — Didn’t this researcher […]

  • Why do conservatives like to be told what to do?

    Excuse the snarkyness of this post. I’m really curious if this is my crazy observation or if I’m just a jerk. Have you ever noticed that conservative folks (politically and religiously) like to be told what to do? I don’t mean they will say “just tell me what to say, do, or think” but I […]

  • Sling Shot Man

    Based on the age of the video I kind of doubt this old timer is still around. But if you were a kid with a sling shot like me as a kid, you know just how good this guy is.

  • Newspapers are Dinosaurs

    This morning I opened my hotel room to discover today’s edition of USA Today. My first thought was, “I’ll put it on the pile next to the Monday edition” since I never opened it or ever read the headline. It wasn’t very long ago that I loved the newspaper. Each morning I would head to […]