Statement of the Obvious Headlines

I spend some time every day reading the latest stuff on adolescent research, teen marketing, etc. And sometimes stories pop-up and you think… did someone really think this was a revealing something that a everyone didn’t already know?

Here are two recent examples:

#1. Teen Brains Damaged by Heavy Marijuana Use — Didn’t this researcher ever watch a Cheech and Chong movie in high school?

#2 Obesity Can Complicate Teen Pregnancy — Notice it doesn’t say “obesity WILL complicate teen pregnancy.” This is a statement of the obvious on a lot of levels. When was the last time a teen pregancy wasn’t complicated?

The irony is that “real journalists” mock bloggers all the time on their network TV shows. Perhaps bloggers just expose the obvious… what is newsworthy is often just a catchy headline? And I love that “real journalists” are followed up on their networks by shows like TMZ, Extra, and Cheaters.

News at 11.





3 responses to “Statement of the Obvious Headlines”

  1. Mark Avatar

    I’m getting a little sick of “Breaking News”.

    When I was a kid, breaking news meant “no more cartoons, go get your Mom, this is really important”.

    Today on CNN I saw them showing Obama’s speech from yesterday afternoon with the label “Breaking News”. It was in the NEWSPAPER already.

  2. Jeff Lutz Avatar

    Amen! Brother

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