The Future of Journalism

Man, this is good stuff. Arianna Huffington absolutely takes MSNBC to school on how journalism works today. Great, great clip here. This is a clash of “old world” journalism and “new world” journalism.

I know some were sad when I left Romeo because there wasn’t anyone left to do front row coverage of local school board stuff. Imagine a world with hundreds of thousands of Adam McLane’s? It’s my hope that many more people will take up their notepads and just report the news. I hope/pray the same is true at churches and denominations around the world. I can’t wait to see the whole world change to this new citizen paradigm. We’re smart… let us tell the news.

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What I’ve learned with the stuff in Romeo is that where there is silence there is unchecked corruption. With the demise of the daily newspaper, we depend on raw news from people like you.

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