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  • Finding stuff, missing stuff

    It seems like every time we move there are a couple items that you find that you think you lost and visa versa. And the one or two things you lose drive you nuts that you’ve lost them. For this move the main thing we can’t find is our SD card reader. It’s really not…

  • Romeo Photos, June 28th

    Megan and I took a walk today around the block. Here are some photos I snapped. 

  • Santa = George W. Bush

    I don’t know what the rest of you did with your economic stimulus plan checks, but Kristen and I spent it. We were irresponsible,¬†reckless, and unspiritual about it. We just flat out blew it on stuff we wanted. Easy come, easy go baby! Let me also say, I don’t know about you haters, but any…