Santa = George W. Bush

I don’t know what the rest of you did with your economic stimulus plan checks, but Kristen and I spent it. We were irresponsible, reckless, and unspiritual about it. We just flat out blew it on stuff we wanted. Easy come, easy go baby!

Let me also say, I don’t know about you haters, but any president who sends me cash is my best friend. Bill Clinton never dropped $1200 from the sky on you, did he? Haters. Shoot, I’d vote for him again. 

So what did we get? We blew our money on electronic toys, of course. And we bought over the internet, of course.

Kristen broke our last two Sony cameras. I don’t know what happened but both cameras started showing us a crazy error message and stopped taking pictures. She got a Nikon D60 (The Ashton Kucther camera) For those looking to buy a sweet Digital SLR, this is it. And please don’t stimulate the economy of Ritz Camera or Best Buy. If you are looking for a sweet deal on your camera I have two words for you: Ebay.

I got a GPS. I have a unique ability to get lost. And with all of my recent travel I decided it was time that I advanced technologically. So I went to and bought the Tom Tom One. Kristen and I tested it out last night and it works great. If you’ve not used a GPS lately, they’ve come a long way. This one talks to you in. (You can even buy Mr. T’s voice for $12! “I pity the fool who don’t turn right.”) It’s loaded with features too. With our upcoming move to San Diego, a place I’m always turned around, I felt like this was a smart buy. And it was really cheap! And to complete my geek fest, Tom Tom has an online community that I joined last night. Love it.

For those who have received their “check that dropped from the heavens” what did you do with yours?


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  1. Barb Avatar

    Sure, now that you are leaving you buy a GPS!

  2. Todd Porter Avatar

    We remodeled our bathroom. I wish we had bought fun electronic toys instead. 🙁

    Isn’t eBay one word?

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