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  • Your Smartphone, Your Kids, and Their Safety

    Dear Universe, We’re out on a date for the night and our kids are home alone. Here’s our address and a map to our house. Sincerely, Mom and Dad That’s ridiculous. No parent would ever say that. I would never say that. Except we do it all the time. Sure, we don’t do it intentionally, […]

  • GPS Joys

    Kristen and I got the TomTom 130 a couple weeks ago. Essentially, I got it because I stink at directions and with a little more travel in my life and a new city to figure out… I thought it was well worth the money. So over the last week or so I’ve been looking for […]

  • Santa = George W. Bush

    I don’t know what the rest of you did with your economic stimulus plan checks, but Kristen and I spent it. We were irresponsible,┬áreckless, and unspiritual about it. We just flat out blew it on stuff we wanted. Easy come, easy go baby! Let me also say, I don’t know about you haters, but any […]