GPS Joys

Kristen and I got the TomTom 130 a couple weeks ago. Essentially, I got it because I stink at directions and with a little more travel in my life and a new city to figure out… I thought it was well worth the money.

So over the last week or so I’ve been looking for excuses to put it to the test. Of course, that’s pretty tough for a guy who works out of his guest room!

But tonight I had a real opportunity to see what it could do. And let me tell you, it passed with flying colors. We went to the fireworks display in St. Clair tonight. And when the fireworks end about 100,000 people head to their cars to try to head west to where they live. 

After we finally got to the car and out of the parking lot I pressed the “home” button and the GPS routed the fastest way home for us. The only problem was that there were hundreds of cars going nowhere. So, GPS screen in front of me I started to improvise. A side street here and back track there and I was starting to wiggle past traffic. 

My favorite GPS move of the night was when the route lead my down an alley marked “dead end.” While the alley was indeed a dead end there was an open, unmarked driveway into the back of a school parking lot that dumped us onto a main road. Not the recommended route for commuting, but it definitely got the job done in a pinch. 

When we saw this little trick open up Kristen and I both laughed knowing we had just saved ourselves 20-30 minutes of frustration. 

For someone like me who is famous for getting lost, the TomTom 130 is well worth the $130.





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