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  • Daddy Days

    This weekend, Kristen is off to Chicago with Erin for a girls getaway. Since I’m traveling a little over 1/5th of 2010, she certainly earned some time to herself. Kristen’s definition of a girls weekend is Thursday afternoon to midnight on Monday. I like her style. As we compared notes leading up to this trip […]

  • 3 Reasons to Embrace Halloween

    3 reasons why I think every Christian should embrace Halloween as a cultural phenomenon beyond personal convictions that you are endorsing evil. Don’t punish your kids for your convictions. We don’t let our kids dress up as demons or witches… but we do allow them to wear costumes because it’s fun. But to keep them at […]

  • SDSU beats Air Force

    When I decided to buy season tickets to San Diego State I have to admit that I did it on a whim. In 2008, they were horrible. But they got a new coach and I figured that for less than $100 per seat, I couldn’t lose. My hope has always been that my kids would […]

  • Date night with the kids

    Kristen hosted a girls night for the ladies of our community group. So Paul, Megan, and I disappeared and went to see Toy Story 3. One thing I haven’t adjusted to about Southern California living is how expensive the movies are. I still grimace at paying $11.50 for an adult and $8.50 for a child […]

  • Paul’s Birthday Present

  • “I don’t have any dreams”

    Just a little reminder from my son that the job of passing on from father to son doesn’t happen by osmosis. Deep exhale. Of course, I looked at this and watched Dr. King’s speech– yup, Dr. King’s dream was for his kids.

  • McLane Kid Update

    In Fall 2000, when we found out Kristen was pregnant with Megan, we both kind of rolled our eyes when people would say “Enjoy it, it goes by too fast.” How right they were. Our kids are in a fun stage of growing up… but life moves so fast that we don’t pause enough to […]

  • Humble: just like dad

  • Daddy Wants You to Ask

    On Sunday, my 6 year old son Paul, wanted to go to Game Stop to look for a new game for his Nintendo DS. When I was in first grade I got an Atari 2600 and that thing was my life. The same is true of Paul and his DS. We share this heart connection […]

  • 61 Minutes: The Kitchen

    I’m learning to love time lapse videos so I thought I’d start off by making a series of my own. Here’s an ordinary 61 minutes in my kitchen. A mom makes dinner, cleans up, takes the dog for a walk, a dad sneaks a snack, the kids come and do homework. There is something extraordinary […]