Celebrating Marriage

Why celebrate thirteen years? Why not? Photo by Leo Reynolds via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Why 13 years?

I think the conviction to host this party was born one day last fall as I was stumbling through the Old Testament. Over and over again I saw the phrase, “remember the things the Lord has done.” And as I read that it just kind of hit me… when was the last time I just celebrated something? Like… for no other reason than to celebrate extravagantly in what God has done?

Never. That’s when.

In kind, I gave this party to Kristen as a part of my Christmas gift. She never saw it coming. And since December 25th we had been talking about and planning for June 25th.

The party was a gift to us. The party was a gift for our friends. And the party was a gift for our kids.

It was definitely a gift given and a gift received. About 25 people gathered at our vacation rental for a BBQ. There were times when I would just look around and the only thing I could do was smile!

Thirteen years of marriage may not be a traditional year to celebrate a marriage.  But thirteen years married to me? Kristen deserved some recognition.

hmm... thoughts

Pause, Remember, Resolve

It seems with each passing year the resolve remains that we should not forget that day, September 11th 2008. Here’s a comment I left on Ray Pritchard’s blog last year about the day. Ray was our pastor then and in some ways he is still our pastor today.

Like many other Calvary folks, my wife and I were in the city at work. I went to work at 4:00 AM that day, just like any other day. I took my lunch break from 6:30-7:30 AM and on my way back I remember looking up at the Sears Tower and making a mental note about the crystal blue sky that morning. It was a beautiful day in Chicago.

Like everyone else, we were sent home about 9:30 that morning. As we crawled through traffic to get home we listened to the radio, made lots of phone calls to check on friends, and went and picked up our daughter from the babysitter early.

We were at church that night praying with a lot of other people. I guess, like the staff, we didn’t know what else to do but come together and pray. I remember thinking that morning… will they have a prayer meeting tonight? Maybe we should call the church? But we didn’t because we knew there would be. I guess you guys just had the people’s pulse and knew what we needed.

My friend Patti Gibbons shared a reflection that I published on the YS blog today, I encourage you to check that out as well.