Celebrating Marriage

Why celebrate thirteen years? Why not? Photo by Leo Reynolds via Flickr (Creative Commons)

Why 13 years?

I think the conviction to host this party was born one day last fall as I was stumbling through the Old Testament. Over and over again I saw the phrase, “remember the things the Lord has done.” And as I read that it just kind of hit me… when was the last time I just celebrated something? Like… for no other reason than to celebrate extravagantly in what God has done?

Never. That’s when.

In kind, I gave this party to Kristen as a part of my Christmas gift. She never saw it coming. And since December 25th we had been talking about and planning for June 25th.

The party was a gift to us. The party was a gift for our friends. And the party was a gift for our kids.

It was definitely a gift given and a gift received. About 25 people gathered at our vacation rental for a BBQ. There were times when I would just look around and the only thing I could do was smile!

Thirteen years of marriage may not be a traditional year to celebrate a marriage.  But thirteen years married to me? Kristen deserved some recognition.





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