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  • MainStreet is back tonight!

    It seems like a huge layoff for the MainStreet gang. (Since Christmas Eve) But we are back at it tonight with a great event. During the layoff we’ve gotten an opportunity to do a few things that will help us in the Spring run. Rest! Reorganize! Re-prioritize! Renewed enthusiasm! Rest. We needed it. Pulling MainStreet…

  • K Games Promo

  • A brand new RomeoKids.com

    It took several month to say this, but RomeoKids.com has a brand new look. This was the first project that the church has ever sent out to a web designer and I think it turned out awesome. Matt Adams, that guy is great to work with. If you ever need a WordPress theme totally custom…

  • KidsTown Sign

    So, check this out. This is side B of our exterior sign at the church. (Other side is “big church”) This is a revision… so feel free to give me feedback on it. p.s. If you haven’t checked out the KidsTown site lately, it’s got a fresh new look. www.romeokids.com p.p.s. So does the church…

  • From the MainStreet vault

    Some of these clips are for MainStreet tomorrow while others are for “web only.” But over all I thought this was some funny stuff.

  • December MainStreet Promo

    This is a whole lot different than I typically do for MainStreet. Thoughts?