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  • Children’s Book Idea: The Martyrs of Jesus

    I’m an idea guy. And one thing I’ve learned over the years is that every one of my ideas has value. That doesn’t mean every idea is a good idea. It just means that every idea is worth writing down and coming back to later. Several months ago I had this thought, “Wouldn’t it be…

  • Happy Father’s Day from the Kids

  • 5 Birthday Quotes That Made Me Giggle

    Today, I officially got my “Middle-Aged Man Card” in the mail. I knew I was getting close to middle-age when conversations shifted amongst my friends from ambition, early married life, and comparing/contrasting theological themes in movies to longevity in ministry, vasectomies, and how much the movie rating system has changed since we were in high…

  • Strategic Excuses

    Strategic excuses – The excuse you come up with that makes some strategic sense, but you really want to do because it’s awesome. Examples: – A speaking gig in Hawaii, Vail, or the Florida Keys rolls in. Hey, those kids need Jesus, too. – My church won’t give me time away for continued education, so…

  • What does the Easter Mayhem teach us?

    Several weeks have now passed since Easter. My hope is that by now, church leaders are scratching their heads and wondering if it was all worth it. Easter mayhem? A lot, LOT, of churches consider Easter to be a day for growth. For church marketing types, it is Super Bowl Sunday. With the highest attendance…

  • Magical Deer

    Not sure why, but this made me giggle. HT to Snuh via Boing Boing

  • I got my wings!

    Sometimes I just latch onto a prop and an idea that just has to happen. When I saw the wings in Beth Slevcove’s office I had to use them for the podcast.