Church vs. Government

Have you noticed that a lot of Christians are exhibiting a hatred for our government? I just don’t get it. For those who are mad about the latest government program… (yesterday it was social security, today it is health care, tomorrow it will be something else.) Just some friendly reminders Anger isn’t the answer, it…… Continue reading Church vs. Government

The Blue Sweater

Over the past month or so I’ve been working my way through The Blue Sweater by Acumen Fund CEO Jacqueline Novogratz. I think this is a book worth reading for a number of reasons. Here are some high points. – Novogratz carries a general principle with her that makes a ton of sense: To change…… Continue reading The Blue Sweater

The Gospel is Social

As I mentioned in my post last night, my head is spinning a little as I think about today’s evangelical church. And yet I know that simply by saying that the evangelical church should stop doing church the way they currently that some people will instantly categorize my thought as “social gospel” in order to…… Continue reading The Gospel is Social