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  • Things I’m thinking about today

    Ever just have a hodgepodge of slush in your mind? Here’s some random thoughts this morning. – While I still think of myself as a down-the-middle, maybe even conservative evangelical Christian… I’m finding myself tired of the grey haired leaders. – As much as I’d like to say I agree with the complimentarian position of […]

  • Fantastic Pointless Roadtrip

    I love taking students on spiritual journeys. I call them “pointless road trips.” In other words, I like to pile a few students into the church van to drive a long way for something fairly benign. My personal favorite was driving to Grand Rapids (2 hours) to watch a movie. But Stuart Delony is taking […]

  • Spring Break: The Movie

    In Romeo, Spring Break starts today after school. And for the first time during my tenure at Romeo I will not be leading a group of high school students to Chicago to work with Inner City Impact. This creates new opportunities. Several families from Light Force are headed down to Florida to escape the prolonged […]