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  • To Eat More, Guess Less

    Kristen and I are completing our first year of transforming our backyard into an organic garden. The first year has been full of fun harvests and humiliating defeats. If we’ve learned anything about gardening in the first year it is this principle: To eat more, you need to guess less. We’ve learned that when we […]

  • Two quick axioms about money

    If the average American spends 3-5% more than they make in a month– making more money is not the solution to financial woes. If you made $1 million and spent $1.05 million a year, you’d be the same fool with money you are today. If the financial institutions of our country were as diligent about […]

  • How to Be Alone

    This was beautiful. I’m thankful I found it. I’m an introvert caught in an extroverts life. Fortunately, I’m married to a fellow introvert. And we dream about simple things… like taking vacations places where we can walk in silence and be alone. Where we are free to explore and discover. And where we take the […]

  • Lead Me

    To lead is to serve. To lead is to listen. To lead is to suffer. To lead is to give. To lead is to offer yourself. To lead is selfless. To lead others means taking people where they would otherwise not go. To lead isn’t to tell others where they need to go or what […]

  • What a difference a year makes

    A year ago I was packing for NYWC and trying to convince myself that everything was going to be OK. I knew the facts but had to convince myself that they didn’t matter. With the pressure to perform numerically stronger than ever we watched in horror as the economy collapsed. Earlier in the year we’d […]