Lead Me

  • To lead is to serve.
  • To lead is to listen.
  • To lead is to suffer.
  • To lead is to give.
  • To lead is to offer yourself.
  • To lead is selfless.
  • To lead others means taking people where they would otherwise not go.

To lead isn’t to tell others where they need to go or what they need to do in order to be like you.

To lead is a willingness to go to that place I’m afraid I can’t go on my own, and ask others to go with you. Their action of following is what makes you a leader.

Until they follow you’re just a dude waving his hands and saying some words.

Too many people think that they are leaders. They think that because they have a microphone in their hand they are a leader. They think that because they got hired to a leadership position, they are a leader. They think that because they have a great education or once led people somewhere great, they are a leader. They think because they have a skill set or a nice smile, they are a leader.

The world is full of fake leaders.

And the world is in desperate need of men and women who are willing to lead.

The only measurement of a leader which truly matters is whether or not people are following.

Want to be a leader? Figure out how to get people to follow you somewhere they need to go, but won’t.





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