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  • Inverse Relationship Between Church Attendance and Business Models

    Yesterday Tim Schmoyer was kind enough to mention a recent blog post in his weekly round-up video. I thought some of the questions that the original post raised warranted a video response to Tim. What do you think? Is there anything to this inverse relationship between churches acting like businesses and a decline in attendance […]

  • Engaing students online

    Later this morning I’ll be jumping in on a conversation with Tim Schmoyer and a bunch of other youth ministry practicioners to lead a discussion on engaging studets online. It’s actually something I started doing back in 1994. My first freshmen evangelism paper in college was about doing ministry online… so it’s something I’ve got […]

  • Guest Dip Story: Tim Schmoyer

    While in seminary in 2003 I served at a church plant outside Dallas, Texas that I thought was going to be the perfect church for me. It was new, full of young people, had a pretty outgoing pastor who held a Doctorate of Ministry in church leadership, and everyone had a burden for lost souls […]