Engaing students online

Later this morning I’ll be jumping in on a conversation with Tim Schmoyer and a bunch of other youth ministry practicioners to lead a discussion on engaging studets online.

It’s actually something I started doing back in 1994. My first freshmen evangelism paper in college was about doing ministry online… so it’s something I’ve got some experience with and enjoy talking about. Head over to Tim’s website and you’ll see a little more about how to get engaged in discussion. (note: I didn’t say lecture. I don’t lecture, I lead discussions.)






3 responses to “Engaing students online”

  1. Uncle Dave Avatar

    hmm twas good… especially the bit about what you do at 1 in the morning

  2. adam mclane Avatar

    Yeah, that was a little too off the cuff. Hopefully no one was too offended!

  3. Tim Schmoyer Avatar

    Here’s a link to the recording, in case anyone is interested.

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