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  • Gardening technique is kinda like life


  • Tomato Apocalypse

    I just couldn’t take it any more. Our yellow cherry tomatoes were so severely overgrown, and no one would eat them, so I pulled out the two plants. You know its gotten bad when your harvest has filled all the baskets and bowls in the house and you’ve resorted to the bags the oranges came…

  • Bean Crazy

    Our summer garden is coming right along. This is our bean patch. We’ve got climbing pole beans in the front. You can see that the pole beans have gotten to the top of my makeshift bean-o-matic. So I just thought I’d encourage the growth some more by extending the twine from that bean-o-matic over to…

  • The harvest is coming!

    Yellow tomatoes, originally uploaded by mclanea. Yesterday Paul and I were doing our daily look through the garden. He leaned in and yelled, “Daddy, check this out! We’ve got lots of tomatoes!” In just a couple of weeks all of our summer garden plants will mature and start producing produce. We can’t wait!