Tomato Apocalypse

I just couldn’t take it any more. Our yellow cherry tomatoes were so severely overgrown, and no one would eat them, so I pulled out the two plants. You know its gotten bad when your harvest has filled all the baskets and bowls in the house and you’ve resorted to the bags the oranges came in. Yeah, that bad!

I’m hopeful that the space I’ve created will give room for our two heirloom tomato plants to finally reach their potential.

It felt very weird to hack away at a perfectly healthy plant just because we couldn’t stomach eating the fruit it was producing any more. As I pulled the vines out of a tree it had grown into (almost 20 feet from the base) I just kept wondering what kind of fruit I’d rather have planted and wished it had grown this much. Strawberries? Grapes? Apples? Snicker bars?

With yellow tomatoes gone with now have some significant areas we need to replant in the coming weeks. The big question in our minds is, “Do we plant for another summer harvest or do we get and early start on a fall garden?

By Adam McLane

Kristen and Adam live in Ahwahnee, California.

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