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  • How To Fix the Auto Industry: Get Rid of Dealerships

    Sometimes ideas are too simple to actually work. If the United States is going to give $34 billion to failing auto industry, I have a right to give my suggestions for how to fix things. In order to make it for the next 100 years you are going to have to radically innovate. It’s not […]

  • Travels with Stoney: The Rundown

    So here is the itenerary of my trip to San Diego. Of course, it’s a little odd to write about a trip to San Diego when I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in San Diego but let’s just pretend prepositional phrases don’t matter, OK? Sunday: Detroit to Terre Haute, IN. Having lunch in the […]

  • 10 random Monday thoughts

    It’s a holiday. And a holiday for me means that I tend to get strikingly little done. I may have some big plans for my day… but if I get 1-2 things actually done I’ll be satisfied. Here’s just a data dump of things on my mind. I’m definitely taking a bike ride today. It […]