10 random Monday thoughts

It’s a holiday. And a holiday for me means that I tend to get strikingly little done. I may have some big plans for my day… but if I get 1-2 things actually done I’ll be satisfied. Here’s just a data dump of things on my mind.

  1. I’m definitely taking a bike ride today.
  2. It was supposed to rain today, but looking at the satellite I don’t think that’s likely.
  3. I stayed up until 2 AM playing Madden 08 for the Wii. It’s just OK.
  4. This morning I added a ton of people to my friends list on Facebook. Many of them I don’t know personally but are “fans” of YMX on Facebook.
  5. It was fun to head out to Metemora State Park last night to hang with the Fisher’s and Brinker’s. Each time we come home Kristen and I vow to take our kids camping. I don’t really know if that will happen or not. But I hope it will
  6. Everyone is asking us when our house will go on the market. Probably in a few weeks. We have some things we need to do first. We are oddly at peace about the process. We know it’s a good house and are hopeful it will sell at a good price. 
  7. Jimmy was clutch yesterday. I was very pleased with the services over all. I especially liked that he “de-cheesed” the Lee Greenwood song, “God Bless the U.S.A.” 
  8. It was a little weird being my “last day” at Romeo. At the same time, we’re back next week. It’s not like we’re moving right now. The most common question yesterday was, “When do you start your new job?” I start next week and my next trip out west in in a couple weeks. 
  9. I’m shopping for a digital SLR as my wife has broken both our cameras. How do you decide between Nikon and Canon?
  10. Mellen’s Market (the corner store across the street from us) is closing its doors and going out of business later this week. That’s a total bummer.
  11. Bonus random thought: Kristen and I are planning to sell our car and buy a new one when we get to San Diego. We are definitely looking for a small/tiny car that gets great mileage. (I may even get a scooter!) High on our list of cars to look into are the Prius and Civic Hybrid. (American cars) We are also considering some Korean made cars and Mexican cars made by Ford and GM. I just had to get that dig in since Romeo people still think that there is a delineation between “American cars” and “Foreign cars.” No one outside of Michigan has used terms like that since the 1980s… but you still hear and see it here on bumper stickers. Let’s translate that… by “foreign car” they really mean “non-union made car.”





3 responses to “10 random Monday thoughts”

  1. Dave Luke Avatar

    When it comes to camera’s you got to look at the individual model. Some Nikon model are well above their Canon opposites, but in the same way Canon have some decent models. I went for the Nikon D50 and i have no major complaints (but the main reason i went for it was because of a great price) On that note try and get as much out of the deal as you can……

  2. Andrea Avatar

    How do you pick between Canon and Nikon? Look their ratings in Consumer Reports, of course! We have issues back to 1992 at my house, if you want to borrow them. ha ha.

  3. adam mclane Avatar

    Ha, that is funny! It think I’ve decided on the new Canon Rebel. Though I’ve not ruled the Nikon yet… maybe it’ll come down to who has a deal going when I go to buy it? The best I can tell there really isn’t an advantage of one over the other.

    And I’m glad that you have PM going back to 1992.

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