The Receptionist has left the building

Fair warning: There are naughty words in this video not approved by your mother.

Travis Betz (guy in the video) and I are two guys from the same high school both living in California and chasing slightly different dreams. I’m working at Youth Specialties, equipping and encouraging youth workers, Travis is making twisted little independent films.

Travis was one year behind me but we were involved in a lot of the same stuff in school so we crossed paths a bit. If I remember correctly we were both in show choir and some musicals together. [Jazz hands!] I’ll let you make assumptions about a high school that produced both a guy who makes independent horror flicks and a guy who spends most of his time thinking about church stuff. There are some strange correlations.

Yesterday was Travis’ last day at his day job where he worked as a receptionist. For the last five years he’s combined the relative boredom of answering phones with his passion for making movies, putting together some amazingly fun stuff in a YouTube series called, The Receptionist.

So here’s to you Travis. Chase those dreams, baby.