Quick site update

As many people noted, yesterday my site(s) suffered a pretty ugly malware attack. For Mac users this was pretty benign and transparent, but for PC users the site(s) had a weird pop-up thing that tried to redirect you to another site. My sincere apologies to anyone who may have had problems. I still have no…… Continue reading Quick site update

Update on Marassa

Marassa 14 Camp 1&2 from Adventures in Missions on Vimeo. Since returning from Haiti with YMATH, I’ve received periodic updates on our work from Seth Barnes, Adventures in Missions head dude. This video wrecked me. Sitting in a coffee shop, 4 days into a road trip to talk to youth workers… seeing those faces, seeing…… Continue reading Update on Marassa

Technical Haiti Update

I’m pretty much hijacking the Youth Specialties blog for my trip to Haiti. Sure, the other bloggers may post, too. Fair warning, this blog is going to be a little different for the next 7 days. You can follow my day-to-day Facebook status updates and Twitter updates. My “blog plan” is to capture little moments…… Continue reading Technical Haiti Update