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  • On the catalyst

    We are here in friday harbor. the boat is unreal cool. woohoo!

  • On the tarmac in seattle

    Well… we made it here to seattle. I have never flown this far in my life and not left the country. this is the same flight time as going to dublin from detroit…

  • At bishop airport, flint

    Well… step one of our adventure has gone pretty smooth. the kids are safely tucked away with grandma and they seem pretty much fine with our trip so far. next stop is Hotlanta. we are scheduled to get to SeaTac about 11 EST. this is our first flight out of flint. the shuttle service from…

  • Soccer went a little better

    Paul still isn’t fully into it. but he did go on the field today… with mom in tow. there are lots of other pictures in the mobile pics area.

  • Naughty naughty

    Anyone know anything about this?

  • Paul scoring goals

    If he scores during the game… he gets chocolate!

  • Recommended Reads & Tunes

    I am a student of culture and I try to keep up on the "latest & newest" resources. The following resources, I recommend to my readers. You can also read reviews of each of these items by going to the Resource Review section of Youth Ministry Exchange.

  • imc #3

    Keynote Thursday Night Brian Atkinson Brian started by sharing a personal story of how he reunited with his birth family and was actually re-adopted and culminated in changing his name. This was painting a picture of how gci describes online ministry and online ministry success. More than content Context is everything… Are you doing something…

  • imc report #2

    well I am here. so far all I’ve done is get fed. weird food too… but I didn’t know meals were included so that’s a bonus.

  • paying for youth group

    there is an interesting little discussion going on in the ymx forums that centers around the general thought… would students come to youth group more diligently if they paid for it the way that parents pay for other things like dance, club sports, or even school sports. my initial reaction is… parents do pay for…