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5 Things I Love about Mailchimp

I’ve been a Mailchimp customer since July 2007. And unlike most web apps, my love for them is growing over time! I joined them because I loved their user interface and fun loving attitude.

Here are 5 quick things I love about Mailchimp.

  1. Easter Eggs. Today was the perfect example. The picture above is their login screen. I wasn’t expecting it and it made me giggle. There’s also some funny stuff built into the site that will keep you laughing. I use Mailchimp several hours per week… it never gets old.
  2. Geo-location emails. Lemme tell you. As a guy who manages some big email lists I adore this new feature. If I’m doing a meet-up or an event, I can very easily send to users within 50, 100, 0r 150 miles. No more zip code segmentation!
  3. Easy autoresponders and mail merge tags. One of the reasons why people hate getting email marketing is that it feels so canned and impersonal. Mailchimp makes personalization and follow-up, even in an automated way, super simple. So I can set-up autoresponders to go to people who just signed up for my mailing list, have an upcoming birthday, or even haven’t opened emails recently. Love. Love. LOVE IT!
  4. Templates galore. When I first started using Mailchimp I was impressed that they had 30-40 templates to chose from. This is now basically infinite. They have tons of free stuff to use as well as the ability to easily import custom designs… or even turn ANY webpage into an email template. The chimp that came up with that needs an extra banana.
  5. Customer service. I’m a royal pain-in-the-neck customer. I’m always pushing the envelop and trying to use their service to its fullest. These folks are amazing. They take it all in stride. They bend over backwards to help. And they have a philosophy of educating their customer as opposed to just fixing stuff for you. For a bunch of chimps, they are really friendly. When we were doing NYWC in Atlanta last fall they were even polite enough to open up their offices to let me walk around and be a fan for a while.

I didn’t even mention the price. If you have a list under 500 subscribers, they are free. Even for bigger lists (like my Youth Specialties stuff) they are super cost-effective.

And since I am on a roll. There are some incredible power-user features. They seamlessly integrate with Google docs, Eventbrite, Salesforce, Highrise… and a few other things I haven’t even explored yet.

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One Response to 5 Things I Love about Mailchimp

  1. Adam Lehman May 4, 2010 at 9:13 am #

    Another thing that is really cool about Mailchimp is it’s “forever free” account feature. As a guy who has 3 relatively small lists I send emails to, Mailchimp is easy, simple, and free for me.

    Super-useful for a guy with a “small” youth group or a “small” church.

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