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First Presbyterian Church I didn’t start attending church until about 5th grade. I don’t know exactly what triggered it, but my dad got married to a woman who went to the local Presbyterian church, so when I was there on weekends we started going. I liked the idea of going to church. But I loathed […]

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I Dare You to Chill


I’m “off” for basically the next two weeks. It’s not technically vacation in my mind. I’ll poke around with some end of the year stuff. (wrapping up accounting, inventory, sending a book to the printer, and probably some light email marketing.) If the first half of December was “light work” than the rest of December is […]

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People of Transition


“Why do you like youth ministry so much? Clearly, you could do other roles in the church?”  I think it’s a conversation so many of us in youth ministry have had repeatedly. In this case, it was a casual conversation with another pastor on our staff while we attended a conference. “I love this time […]

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