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Tammy is REAL!


In case you didn’t know, Tammy, is our first daughter. She was born a few years before Megan was born. She was a rotten apple and one day, while on a road trip, she was kicking the back of Kristen’s seat and wouldn’t stop… so I pulled over the car and left her on the […]

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Jackson’s Favorite Things


JT is a little over three years old. Early this morning we had a conversation about favorite things… here are some of his current favorites. Favorite color: Red Favorite animal: Giraffe Favorite animal noise: Daddy’s elephant Favorite number: 10 Favorite food: Baby chicks, aka peeps Favorite fruit: Apples Favorite TV show: Paw Patrol Favorite toy: Car […]

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I need my kids in worship with me

this week at family worship

First he glared at me. Then he puffed, “I hate church. I don’t want to go.” When we told Paul, my 10 year old, that the regular parts of kids ministry were taking the day off and church would have family worship on Sunday, Paul protested. Stupid. Boring. I hate this, I hate you, I […]

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Just do the best you can, dads


Ah, the Pinterest-ing of our society. You know what I mean by Pinterest-ing, right? You find something ridiculously creative then pin it to your wall to remind yourself of all the stuff that you would do if you had the time, money, skills, or know how. I watched this video and had three thoughts. (more…)

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