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Place, Restoration, Hope


Tools By Sunday evening, things were calming down on our weekend home improvement projects, Kristen went to run errands, and I had a little time to reflect. In the search of wire cutter I opened a giant Rubbermaid that had tools poking out of it. As I started pushing things around I realized that I put […]

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We bought a house


Ten years ago we bought a house in Romeo, Michigan. That didn’t end well. A few years later, in the height of the financial meltdown, we moved to San Diego, had to sell when the market was bad, a bank refused to process our short sale, another bank foreclosed on us, and before we understood […]

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Extended Parenting


Kristen and I have become aware of something recently. MEGAN IS FOURTEEN!  We aren’t freaking out about high school. We’re not even really freaking out about the potential of paying for college. But we are both kind of freaking out about the not-so-far-off word: Adulthood. The Parent Test The true test of your ability to […]

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in memory of stoney

Perhaps no 6 characters have been harder to type than the 6 characters of the title of this blog post. Earlier today, Kristen and I took our much beloved dog, Stoney, to the vet to be put to sleep. We were a mess. I couldn’t even speak. It was completely the right thing to do, […]

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Summer’s Last Stand


It’s hard to believe… Paul starts 7th grade next week. Megan has orientation in a couple weeks for high school. Jackson starts pre-school at the same time. And in a lot of the country people are already starting school, football practice, marching band, all of that. Summer flew by leaving a contrail of good memories. […]

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