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What Haiti Taught Me About Nepal


Tony Jones wrote this: A standard issue in theodicy has been an attempt to protect the sovereignty of God. Consider that theological shorthand for the omni’s: omnipotence, omniscence, and omnipresence. Combine that with God’s benevolence and immutability, and you’ve got a divine being who’s a lot closer to Plato’s Nous than to Moses’ Yahweh. What if, instead, God […]

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Trip Friends


In my experience we tease people we like. By that measure the Haiti Vision Team really likes one another. Wrapping up my third vision trip with PPM is bittersweet. It’s bitter because I love the people. It was so awesome to see a lot of pastors I’ve visited before, to catch up with them about […]

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The hammock, the wind, the silence


Relaxing in my hammock after a long day of travel and getting to know our group, including meeting with a Pastor over on the opposite end of Port-at-Prince, cool breezes wash over me… Relaxing me as my mind wanders in every direction at once. I’d never take a cold shower at home but I love […]

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More than a “missions experience”


Late tomorrow night I board an overnight flight for Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Once there I’ll spend the next four days with a dozen pastors and youth pastors from across the United States who are coming to explore bringing a team to Haiti with Praying Pelican Missions. I have a confession to make: Going to Haiti doesn’t […]

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Come build partners in Haiti with me


Today’s Throwback Thursday reaches all the way back to April 2014. And it comes with an invitation to join me on a trip in April 2015.  Backstory of this picture The gentleman in this photo is the pastor of the church located in the mountains above the city of Jacmel in southern Haiti. He and his […]

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