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Haiti is Beautiful


Forget this narrative: Haiti is a dangerous, politically unstable, corrupt, and voodoo worshipping country. It’s the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, a virtual pit of foreign aid, and a place to be avoided. That’s a pre-2010 narrative. That’s like saying you shouldn’t go to Tijuana because of gang violence. There’s truth in the claim but […]

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The Remarriage of Physical to Spiritual Renewal


One of the great sins of Western short-term ministries is bringing our bad habits and presenting them somewhere else as healthy. In the United States, the local church has largely recast itself as a place of spiritual renewal. The message of Jesus Christ in our cities and towns largely remains in the 6 inches between […]

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A Hodgepodge


This week I’m in Les Cayes, Haiti working alongside Praying Pelican Missions, a local church, and three North American churches– one from South Carolina, one from Connecticut, and the other from Windsor, Ontario. I was walking with Caroline, the trip leader, earlier this morning and we described this as a “hodgepodge group.” There’s not a […]

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Little Old Me


Do you ever have any concept of how small you are? We aren’t even dots on a map. In the course of human history your 72 years are nothing. Not even a waypoint in the 21st century. I barely know my own culture, what kind of arrogance do I have to have to think I […]

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Off to Haiti


Tonight, I’m catching a flight that’ll have me back on the ground in Port-au-Prince, Haiti by Saturday morning. For the next week I’ll be tagging along with three teams to a more remote area of Haiti than I’ve ever been, Les Cayes. After arriving in Port-au-Prince in the morning I’ll spend a few hours at […]

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