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Death by information


We have objectified the accumulation of facts and ideas. Likewise, we have marginalized the importance of applying learning to our everyday lives. Like any objectification, this endless accumulation of information is deeply rooted in a perversion. Dozens of times per week people suggest books I ought to read or movies I need to see or […]

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What about daddy?


This is the best rice commercial in the history of the world. Reminds me of this story. And I think it even sheds some illumination on the father in Luke’s story. Yes, the son returned home. Yes, the son had done wrong. But the father’s heart had changed, too. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve gone. […]

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The Fulcrum is Jesus


Sometimes I sit in church with the realization that for a lot of folks they think this is the center point of their walk with Jesus. As if, somehow, the fulcrum of the Christian life is attending a worship service? We’ve been raised (Christian language: Discipled) to make church that “can’t miss” thing of the […]

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Four Fresh Winds

Photo by Laura O'Halloran via Flickr (Creative Commons)

There’s nothing quite as invigorating as a deep breath of fresh air.  As a kid I was highly allergic to cats. When I visited someone’s home who had cats my eyes would itch immediately. Then the wheezing would begin. The final step was a very labored, forced filling of my lungs, which always resulted in […]

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