Wanted: Dream Chasers

Photo by Laura Burlton via Flickr (Creative Commons)

My favorite story in the Bible, hands down, is that of Joseph. I’ve read Genesis 37-50 about 100 times. It never gets old!

From the first reading of the story until today, I’ve always wanted to be like Joseph. Dream on, dreamer!

Take it from this dreamer… dreams do come true.

May God grant you the opportunity to chase dreams like I’ve been fortunate to chase dreams.

Just once in your life… it’s my prayer that you wake up in a cold sweat with an idea that won’t let you go. And you realize that in order to shake the dream, you need to chase it. So, not knowing how else to get rid of it, you set out to fulfill it.

Maybe that dream takes a day or a week or a month? (Like building a treehouse for your kids or running in a 5k or recording a song.)

Or maybe that dream takes years until you see real progress?

Both timeframes bear the same satisfaction.

Here’s my encouragement today:

Just chase. Be a dreamer. Get after it. Geek out on it. Own it to the point where people call you Joseph. Invest yourself to the point that your friends mock you like they mocked Noah. Enjoy the satisfaction of getting fired for dreaming too much.

The results will come. And seeing things happen in your life will give you a glimpse of something heavenly. As you chase dreams you’ll see God do things you’d never thought possible.

The world is full of perfectly ordinary people like you or I doing extraordinary things.

They are dreamers. And membership in the tribe of dreamers is open on only one prerequisite.

God has dreams for you more wild than you could ever imagine.

Since before you were born, before your fertilized egg implanted in the womb of your mother, before she peed on a stick and knew you even existed… God knew who you’d be and what kind of person you could become! Could is the operative word. It is the opportunity placed before you if only you’ll act on the impulse to chase recklessly.

Contrary to the pessimists in your life chasing dreams is not child’s play.

The world needs more dreamers. Not fewer. We have big problems that need big dreams to fix.

Chasing dreams is horribly inefficient. It takes time to make the impossible possible.

The bottom line is simple:

Your dreams will never be fulfilled until you do something with them. A dream is just a dream until you do something with it.

Maybe today is the day you start?

I’m fulfilling mine. Are you fulfilling yours?

No more carpe mañana.






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  1. Jon Huckins Avatar

    dude, great word and hauntingly similar to what i wrote on yesterday: http://bit.ly/9t8rxy.

    1. i DIDN’T pirate your tasty morsel of a blog post
    2. stoked to know someone else who is willing to make a fool of themselves in the hope of living God’s Dream

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